Leanne Mallinder
What's In My Stuff?
What’s In My Stuff? (WIMS) was a research project led by a group of Sheffield Hallam University academics. The project aimed to make consumers aware of the limited chemical elements used in mobile phone production, with the hope of encouraging them to keep their phones longer or recycle them.

Taking inspiration from the colours found on a circuit board and the periodic table an identity was created for the project which had the versatility to be used long term, should the project receive further funding to research into other electronic equipment.

Posters to promote the What's In My Stuff?

A selection of images from the guidelines explaining how the identity is to be implemented.

What's In My Stuff? website homepage

Eurostile, Gotham and Franklin Gothic

Identity and guidelines
Promotional items
What's In My Stuff? website in collaboration with Craft Digital.

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